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How to make a web query

A webquery in excel lets you bring data in from the internet and put it into a spreadsheet.

How to get a really short link

Sometimes you get a really long url! really long! so what do you do if you want to share a link sometimes its not very nice to have to send such a long url. So what do you do? You can use a url shortener.

How to make your own blog

When making this blog i first started by making a blogger account. It was the first thing anyone would do but i quickly became annoyed with the horrible posting facility. Why Blogger, well anything google is usually good but i think with blogger, it could do with a little bit of attention.

How to take screen shots on mac!

There are 4 ways to take screen shots on the mac. These consist of copy to clipboard or save to desktop for each of whole screen and screen select.

How to change the icon of a drive on Mac

How to change the icon (image) on a mac of a drive or folder. How to go from the basic yellow drive to your own custom drive. You can use any mac icon file for it.